Happy Hunter
The legendary Happy Hunter game Happy Hunter is now on your mobile phones You will play the good old Happy Hunter game that was well known even during Soviet times.Your aim is to shoot ducks with the help of your loyal dog.
Jack Pac
Help Jackpac to bring back his Jungle Kingdom which is captured by monsters Swipe up down left and right to dodge your way by avoiding monsters and aiming to collect gold coins. You need to clear each stage and the moment you clear your stage then you will be acquiring your Jungle Kingdom. You will be given three lives and you can use them when you unable to clear a particular stage. You have to face the difficulties as the stages progress in order to bring back your kingdom.
Start The Rockets
New brain teaser game Start the Rocket invites you to the abandoned factory of mysterious live fireworks. They are stored in boxes they are forgotten but they have been waiting and finally you came after all a life of firework is a flight and a bright flash full of colorful sparks.
Legion Mania
WOW You can now lead your legion to save the WOW themed world with swipe of a finger. Legion Mania is a game of tactics and strategy within an epic adventure which combines strategy and role playing in a legendary story.
Real Classic Lines
Classic Balls with a new look and great animation. On the playing field in one turn exhibit three colored balls random color at random locations .The player must be a chain of five or more balls and then they burst and you accrued points for it. Chains are considered by horizontally vertically and diagonally.
Mysteries Of The Ocean
Mysteries of the Ocean is the game about the impenetrable depths of the sea shipwrecks brave submariners lost treasures and an ancient monster of the deep.Once being the most wanted game in the USSR now it is available for free. No hidden payments and in game purchases. The most realistic and full version. Take the captains word for it.
Mystic Jewels
Magic Gems is a classic game with new bright design and great animation. Destroy gems by creating chains of 3 or more gems of the same kind. Do you think you can connect even more magic gems and create a chain reaction Match gems in horizontal or vertical lines to earn points.
Galaxy War Fighter
Prove that you are the best pilot in the galaxy in a free game Galaxy War fighter Taking its roots from the classic games in the shoot em up genre Galaxy War fighter conveys the old ideas in a new way. Piloting your fighter ship you have to fight hordes of enemies with unpredictable strategies and attack schemes. Well and if you think that the usual enemies are too easy Galaxy War fighter will put you face to face with the ruthless bosses. You should not underestimate them. The game will co
Cube Defender
Fast paced twin stick shoot em up arcade action with responsive dynamic controls.As the Cube Defender you ll battle against enemy forces in 3D landscape arenas across five different game modes with three difficulty levels.
Welcome, investors. Mr Tumble, triple silver medalist, will put our new product through its paces on this live course. Go Dude!
Trainz Trouble
Take on the Trainz Trouble challenge in 69 Levels Can you keep the wheels in motion as trains speed to their various destinations Plan the route change the junctions time the stops and avoid the trouble.it all sounds so simple.
Jewel Picker
Play as Jack the Professional aka. Thief going jewel picking with his Ultra Unique Slingshot driven Jewel attracting U MAGNET.
Astronaut Walking Saga
Looking for a fun challenging and highly addictive game app This is it Your goal is simple get the astronauts back safely to the moon base. Sounds easy It s not With the use of the stick shift and jump control you will need to move strategically every astronaut back to the base. Get ready to use your best planning and logistic skills to achieve the goal each level. Just tap on the astronaut you wish to move and do it carefully by avoiding all of the obstacles and gaps along the way.
Macho Monkey
Solve the mystery of the glittering arcade puzzle Macho Monkey. Fruits are being attracted to magnetic macho monkey. As you dont know where the fruits are going, and before they trap you, you have to blast them all.
Quake Tsunami
A mega tsunami wave has stroke the city. A huge wave of tsunami coming back to you and you have to save yourself from the mega tsunami of water. The only way to escape is running.